Your entrepreneurial
journey awaits.

Accelerating business growth from the ground up.

Concerned about the high costs of building a marketplace from scratch? Wondering how to set yourself apart from all the other businesses emerging right now? Think your business is not ”big” enough to compete in this new economy?

Time to embark on this hot market.

There’s no better time to launch a business or online retail store than now. The sharing economy’s success rides on people’s desire to support small businesses, be part of a global community, and experience hand-made items. Near Me has invested in the technology that connects makers to buyers in a state of art, yet affordable platform.

Save time

  • Launch your site in a matter of weeks
  • We focus on IT so you can focus on keeping your customers happy
  • Simple dashboard makes running your business a breeze

Save money

  • No expensive developers needed
  • All-in-one platform performs multiple functions
  • Marketing features and analytics give you key insights

Simple to customize

  • Your designer can create a beautiful storefront with HTML and CSS
  • Customize the features to make your marketplace stand out
  • Create pricing and shopping rewards to keep customers buying

All in one

  • Secure payment processing
  • Actionable analytics
  • Your marketplace in any language


Legendary support

  • High-touch: support that guides you, step-by-step
  • Tech experts available anytime to walk you through our platform, or set up new features
  • Account managers ready to offer you strategies on how to grow your business

Trailblazing customers

From selling engagement rings to matching foodies with the ultimate culinary experience around the world, our customers are trending right now in the collaborative space–and so can you!


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